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((My mind went straight down the gutter when I got to “proceeds to use his index finger” lol))

(( …..I ))

Anonymous asked: What's the worst way Ness annoys you?

By breathing in my ear. He has no reason to do so but he does it. Also when he is asking me questions that I have little care for and proceeds to use his index finger to poke me and ask if I heard his question.

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*makes sure ask-the-commander isn’t watching*


//tell your friend im in love ty


For those new watchers I have and also for those NTNE fans! <3

Anonymous asked: -lady anon soldier salutes- Greetings, Commander! Not to bother you out of your busy schedule but....uh....have you ever wondered what would happen is Captain Ness were able to steal one of those guns? Especially YOURS? 8|

He would be placed in solitary confinement after a successful capture and sedation.

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Just random Lucas and Claus doodles so far. I don’t draw Lucas a lot.


Happy anniversary MOTHER 3! (forgive me for my hastiness as well)

Anonymous asked: Hey, commander! What does it feel like to have an arm canon? It looks really fun, can i have one?!

Captain, I have told you more than once… No. You cannot have one. You are unauthorized to have one and further more, you have your PSI.

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